Ideal Wine-Tasting Weather

Unlike regions with relentless heat, El Dorado County boasts a unique microclimate. Warm summer days provide ample sunshine for grape ripening, while the cool mountain nights ensure a refreshing balance.

It translates to ideal conditions for outdoor wine tasting. Our wineries have beautiful patios and outdoor seating areas that allow you to bask in the scenic beauty while indulging in the region’s exceptional wines.


Events Galore

Summer in El Dorado County isn’t just about the wine (although that’s a compelling reason on its own!). Our wineries boast a vibrant calendar of events, transforming the region into a hub of activity for all interests.

Embrace your inner artist at a Paint and Sip afternoon or explore local artists at one of several markets. Music enthusiasts can catch live performances at wineries or open-air venues, enjoying an unforgettable evening under the stars. Foodies will delight in winemaker dinners, pairing exquisite El Dorado County wines with delicious cuisine from talented local chefs.

Many wineries also host special events, offering unique experiences like vineyard tours, grape stomping competitions, or educational seminars led by experienced winemakers. These events provide a deeper understanding of the winemaking process and a chance to connect with the winemakers behind the wines you love.

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Summer Views

El Dorado Wine Country’s beauty extends beyond its vineyards and tasting rooms. The region boasts breathtaking scenery that comes alive during the summer months. Imagine lush green rolling hills, vibrant wildflowers bursting, and the snow-capped Sierra mountains in the distance.

This stunning backdrop adds another layer of enjoyment to your wine-tasting adventure. Whether relaxing on a winery patio or exploring the surrounding areas on a scenic hike, the El Dorado wineries provide a refreshing summer escape!

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