About Us

Welcome to Endulge El Doradoa blog concept that came to fruition over yummy food, wine and candid conversation. Our goal is to introduce you to real places, people and things around the wine world that you may or not know…and share the stories and subjects we find interesting, thought provoking, engaging, romantic, heartfelt, wacky or just plain ridiculous. So you may ask…what’s the difference between this food and wine blog and the bazillion others that wrangle their way across your smartphones? Glad you asked….

1. We Offer Multi-Generational Perspectives

Our writers are 3 different people with 3 completely different stages of life and experience:

  • The Twenty-Something: A millennial that is breaking into “the real world” that follows after college…figuring out life one step (or drink) at a time!
  • The Average Joe: A middle-aged husband, dad and “guy’s guy” who can enjoy a glass of wine as easily as an ice cold beer.
  • The Boomer: A business savvy baby boomer CEO who never acts her age, has had more hard knocks than a steel door, ended up in the wine industry by fluke and loves life and the journey that comes with it…especially if there’s wine, food, dogs, friends, golf courses, love and travel involved.
2. Real Situations/Real Opinions/Real Life

We work with the wine industry in too many facets to list…so we see it all….and we are going to share the good, the bad, the ugly…and the delightfully tasty.

3. Real Talk

We speak English. Not “winespeak” that utilize terms like “blousey” or “notes of”. Our method of communicating is direct, personal and clear. You may not agree with all of us, but we are pretty sure you will relate to at least one of us since we are your neighbor, family, friend, colleague…and now your latest hot spot for reading up on all things “wine related”.

With that…let’s lift our glass and “be real”.

The Twenty-Something, The Average Joe & The Boomer