Fish-Friendly Farming®

This third-party sustainable, environmentally friendly land certification program is designed to restore fish and wildlife habitat and improve water quality. In doing so, ecologically friendly practices also benefit the wineries through improvements to the land on which they grow. Think terroir, erosion control, and more.

Wineries: Boeger Winery, Cedarville Vineyard, Holly’s Hill, Lava Cap Winery, Madroña Vineyards, Smokey Ridge Ranch, Starfield Vineyards, Windwalker Vineyard, Wofford Acres Vineyards


Considered a certified farming method that heals the soil, biodynamic farming can be thought of as regenerative. Wines are produced using a holistic approach and organic practices, avoiding pesticides while relying on the farm’s own compost. Vineyards also use specific biodynamic ‘recipes’ that feature plant life, barrel lees, and even cow horns!

Biodynamic methods often carry into the winemaking process, emphasizing minimal intervention and avoiding additives.

Wineries: Narrow Gate Vineyards


Defined as “the ability to maintain an ecological balance in our planet’s natural environment and conserve natural resources to support the wellbeing of current and future generations,” this practice factors in the environment, business, and community.

From a farming perspective, it emphasizes thoughtful methods, and while it can be organic, it’s not required. In the vineyards, this can include practices that eliminate the need for conventional herbicides and pesticides and support the vitality of the surrounding ecosystem. Examples include cover cropping, other natural farming techniques, and using tools like weed knives or (admittedly adorable) sheep for weed management. For pest control, some wineries install owl boxes to encourage them to ‘manage’ certain pests.

On the business side, examples include installing solar systems to provide electricity for the winery and non-gas-powered electrical equipment, supporting community causes, and employing local staff.

When it comes to the winemaking process can include minimal intervention techniques that avoid handling and additives.

Wineries: Bumgarner Winery, Cantiga Wineworks, Chateau Davell, David Girard Winery, Delfino Farms

Taking care of the land makes good sense for El Dorado wineries, no matter what you call it. Learn more about our wineries and trip planning inspiration with our free visitors guide.