Recipes to Pair With a Diversity of El Dorado Wines

Jodar’s Bruschetta

The key to good bruschetta is good tomatoes. We don’t measure these ingredients but have given you some ball-park amounts to get you started; we just combine until we have a nice color combination. Don’t be fooled by the consistency; the longer it sits, the juicier it becomes. Also, the more acidic your tomatoes, the more basil you may think about adding.




1.5 lbs

tomatoes, diced

Use a variety of colors, types. We mix heirlooms and hybrids

Seed them well. Some people peel them before seeding


1/3 cup

olive oil

Use extra virgin, good quality

1 (at least)

garlic, finely chopped

If clove has a green center, remove it; it’s bitter


1/3 cup

fresh basil leaves, see right

Roll the leaves like a very tight cigarette (yikes!), sliver, finely then coarsely chop

to taste

salt and finely ground pepper


variations: finely chopped red onion or capers instead of garlic; well rinsed and drained bay shrimp

For classic bruschetta, slice ciabatta bread in generous slices, brush with olive oil, rub with garlic clove, and grill until you’ve got good grill marks. Let your guests spoon the sauce onto the grilled bread. They won’t stop eating until the bruschetta is gone.

Serve with almost any red wine, especially Jodar Sangiovese and Barbera.