Vintner's Favorite BBQ Recipes From El Dorado Wineries

Salmon With Tamari Butter Sauce


4 Salmon Steaks or a large Fillet for 4 people
2 Cloves minced garlic 1 Cube Butter
1/4 C Catsup
1/4 C Tamari or Soy Sauce
1/4 C Sherry


Melt the butter, and stir in the minced garlic. Simmer so gently that it doesn't get brown. Add the catsup and soy sauce and simmer for about 10 minutes. Add the sherry for a couple minutes more. Use this as a baste, not a marinade.

Baste the salmon just before BBQ-ing

If steaks, do both sides, and baste while turning.

If it's a fillet, put it on a double thickness of tin foil. Baste the top. BBQ it with the lid down, 15 minutes or so, until it's done how you like it. Baste it just before removing.


Serve with a bed of Spinach or Swiss Chard, and Basmati rice.
This is delicious with Boeger Pinot Noir.