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About an hour from Sacramento or South Lake Tahoe and a little over two hours from Reno or the San Francisco area, El Dorado's wineries beckon visitors with a wide diversity of award winning wines, friendly tasting room staffs and idyllic views of snow-capped mountains and oak-studded foothills.

Our wineries are renowned for making vibrantly flavorful, distinctly delicious wines, grown in the dramatic elevations of the Sierra Nevada.

Latest News & Articles

A Placerville Centered Wine Weekend
WineFoodExplorer.com | May 2015

The rich history of El Dorado County can be seen while driving around Placerville, witnessing firsthand the architecture from the 1800s standing in full form or taking a scenic drive through the countryside. The bountiful crops are scattered throughout the three wine regions in the county: Apple Hill, Pleasant Valley and Fair Play. Read More...

Announcing Endulge El Dorado
May 5, 2015

We are excited to announce the launch of our new blog, Endulge El Dorado…a blog concept that came to fruition over yummy food, wine and candid conversation. Our goal is to introduce you to real places, people and things around the wine world that you may or not know…and share the stories and subjects we find interesting, thought provoking, engaging, romantic, heartfelt, wacky or just plain ridiculous.
Read More..

El Dorado is worth searching for
Palate Press | April 20, 2015

The divide in California wine seems simple: the coasts are cool, the interior is not. But then there's El Dorado. El Dorado doesn't neatly fit into any category. It's much cooler than most of California's interior because it's so far above sea level. In fact, the Fair Play subappellation, which ranges from 600 to 915 meters (2,000-3,000 feet) up, claims the highest average elevation in the state. But El Dorado is also much sunnier than the coast because the fog doesn't make it that far east. Read More...

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