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January 2014 News

The Magic of Winter Wine Tasting


We have a secret in El Dorado Wine Country. Winter is a magical time to go wine tasting. It's a secret because many people, even our long-time friends, tend to not think about wine tasting in January and February, which means our tasting rooms are quiet and calm. Many of us have fires going to make the rooms even cozier as well as more time for winemakers to spend one on one with our guests. Also, because we are low enough in elevation (below the snow and above the fog); the roads are still effortless to travel.

But there's so much more, too. There's a special kind of beauty to foothill vineyards in winter. When there is snow, it likes to "flirt" with the vines. And those vines - they are lean and sleek, long lines of sticks and wires that trace the landscapes like a sketch, outlining the hills and valleys, highlighting every roll and curve, every graceful rise and dip. Our land and our vineyards simply feel so visceral and unhurried in winter. Plus, wine just somehow tastes better when you aren't rushing.

And there's a peaceful quality to our vines during this time of year. The views are significantly different…colors are muted and subdued, which makes the land feel primal, rough, still untamed. You know you're on the edge of the Sierra, you can see the force of the rivers and the mountains, and you can imagine this place more than a century ago when settlers first came. You can sense the wildness and you can see why people were drawn here. Add our stellar award-winning wines and you have now escaped for a perfect day trip during the winter.

Come visit. Enjoy our secret before it gets out.

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