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August 2013 News

Wofford Acres Vineyards

Come for the wine and stay for the view." And once you pull into the driveway at Wofford Acres Vineyards you see we mean it. You drive past a short stretch of head-pruned Nebbiolo that opens up into a picnic area that causes you to slow the car and look to the left- WOW! You need a closer look at the valley showcasing the lines of the South Fork of the American River. You park by the basketball hoop, or down the tractor road, and even before you begin your tasting you walk back to the picnic area to admire the scenic beauty, take photos, lay out your picnic lunch (or wish you had brought one!). No matter the season that view is spectacular. I love it best in May and early June when it pops with the new green of vines pushing leaves. In summer it is lush, with turkey buzzards riding the thermals high above the canyon- that breeze is a lovely refresher for folks escaping the Valley heat. We use the picnic area as a pouring space during the crazy-busy time when the apple barns are open, and people have been known to bundle up and picnic in the snow- the quiet is breathtaking... We encourage people to enjoy a Picnic Pour of one of our lovely wines, and sit for a while, getting some peace back into their souls, and enjoying the view....


Phone: 530.626.6858
Map & Directions: 1900 Hidden Valley Lane, Camino, CA 95709

Sales Room Tasting Hours Thursday- Sunday 11am to 5pm Or by appointment (confirmed 24 hours in advance) Schedule through


Cantiga Wineworks

What wine shall we have with dinner tonight?" There are a few loose rules of thumb to draw upon, but the truth of the matter is, wine and food are not always ideal bedfellows.

Cantiga Wineworks has made an in-depth study of the characteristics in wine that can make or break its compatibility with food. "Acidity is of paramount importance," says Christine Rorden, co-owner. "A soft wine is much more difficult to pair with meals than a wine with a crisper acidity." Other characteristics that make for a "food friendly" wine include fruit-forwardness, balance, light or no oak treatment, and finish—also a function of acidity.

The goal at Cantiga Wineworks is to recapture the art of making wine that benefits from long periods of cellaring; and to craft a food-friendly style, thus reclaiming wine's rightful place on the dinner table. Cantiga's winemaker, Rich Rorden, feels these two objectives go hand in hand. "What we do here is essentially classical style winemaking, modeled after centuries of European tradition. This practice is rapidly becoming a lost art as winemaking is increasingly driven by economics." Cantiga's current releases are typically at least 5 years old and can age for decades—which is a testament to Rich's passionate commitment to the classical style.

Visit Cantiga's beautiful estate tasting room and experience their extraordinary wines, which are often paired with gourmet food samples—and always accompanied by hospitality!

Phone: 530.621.1696
Social Media: Facebook
Map & Directions: 5980 Meyers Lane, Somerset, CA 95684

Shadow Ranch Vineyard

Shadow Ranch vineyard is a family owned winery located on a picturesque hilltop in the heart of the Fair Play American Viticultural Area (AVA). The homestead, built in 1888 and the old barn and original outbuildings have a rustic Gold Rush era feel, much like you would find in one of the local historic parks. We have a scenic grassy area overlooking the mountainous Sierra Foothills; a perfect spot for picnics and a bottle of wine.

Starting in September, Shadow Ranch will host Second Saturdays. This is our after-hours party featuring local talent. Each month will feature a different Shadow Ranch varietal with complimenting food pairing, as well as a different musical guest. Wine can be purchased by the glass or bottle, and wine club members receive complimentary tastings. Stop by the Ranch every Second Saturday of the month from 5pm-8pm, and wind down with the featured wine, appetizers, and live music More information can be found on our website,


Phone: 530.620.2785
Social Media: Facebook | Twitter
Map & Directions: 7050 Fairplay Road, Fair Play, CA 95684



Our family invites you to have an "enlightened" experience discovering Illuminare's unique, intense wines. Our winemaking focuses on maximum extraction in wines such as Zinfandel, Barbera, and Petit Verdot, and in our vibrant Seeing Red blend. Join us and celebrate family, good friends, and, of course, great wine.


Phone: (530) 306.3873
Social Media: Facebook
Map & Directions: 3500 Carson Road • Camino, CA 95709

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