Yes, Virginia…your opinion matters. If you love a winery, speak up and share the information!

The El Dorado Wine Region rocks on about a thousand different levels and I’ve found myself appreciate the views at one winery, the staff at another, the Rosé at yet another, the bold Barbera at a different one…and then, turn it all around…and I’m in love with the sheer fact that I can get anything I want in the essence of wine on any given day. 

Guess what…you can too. 

But why keep it to yourself? This isn’t the government. This is wine, people! And good wine to boot! The more the merrier up in the foothills! So, go ahead!  Share your love of the El Dorado wines you have recently tasted, enjoyed, poured, drank, and sipped.  Don’t be shy…there are so many vehicles nowadays for talking about something fabulous. 

Either way, when it comes to sharing your love of wines, silence is never golden.

Let’s Be Real…

The Boomer

Written by The Boomer