There are two different types of tasting experiences—one where you drive throughout the entire wine region, and one where you can park your car and walk from winery to winery. Luckily for you, the El Dorado Wine region has a combination of both!

For those of you who enjoy a good walk—we recommend venturing through Apple Hill and checking out four incredible wineries that are perfectly located nearby for a great adventure. And what better way to do that than by attending the Passport event this year!

Start off your wine adventure at Jodar Vineyards & Winery, where you can enjoy exclusive Passport attendee discounts along with several of Jodar’s current releases paired with tasty bites! Venture next door to Findleton Estate Winery, where you’ll enter into an experience like no other with an Under the Sea theme. Enjoy their wines paired with mango shrimp cocktail and roasted pork with spaetzli and meatballs. Can you say, “yum”?!

Next stop is DiVittorio Winery, where you’ll have the opportunity to taste many unique red wines, ports and fruit wines paired with even more delicious hors d’oeuvres.  Last, but certainly not least, stroll down to Bumgarner Winery where amazing discounts and delicious El Dorado mountain grown Cabernet Sauvignon awaits!

Not only are these wineries located for your convenience, they are also a part of an undiscovered, one-of-a-kind region that will give you an unforgettable experience. The enchanting scenery will take your breath away, and the friendly staff will make your weekend one you will never forget. What are you waiting for? Buy your Passport ticket today at

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Written by The Twenty-Something