I love Christmas. It’s such a happy time of year…if we let it be that way! No way do I allow grumpy, stressed out, trying-to-get-that-last-minute-gift-shopper affect my joy during this season. No way!

My secrets?

  1. Kill ’em with kindness

    Seriously…it’s almost like a game. The more someone is upset and angry, the more I smile and the greater my joy becomes. Folks either think I’ve completely “lost it” or they smile back, realizing that the fact that Target is out of WIDE RED RIBBON isn’t worth the blood pressure point escalation.

  1. Be generous to others

    Using the term generous causes folks to think I’m talking about giving things that cost money. And…well…I am. But only because I’m a gift giver, so I feel over the top happiness in giving to those I love, those I barely know, those we work with and for, those I’ve never met, those who seldom get recognized, those in need and those who sacrifice for others. All that being said, generosity comes from more than money. We can be generous with our time, thoughtfulness, phone calls, in person visits, cards, letters, kind actions…and you guessed it…smiles when someone least expects it.

  1. Start plotting what I want to do in 2016

    No…I don’t mean work out more and eat better. If we are all honest, NONE of us WANT to do that. MOST of us NEED to do that. Want vs Need: Two completely different things. I WANT to travel more and put new floors in my house. I WANT to learn how to paddle board and spend more time improving my golf swing. I WANT to get my friends together and go wine tasting more.

    So, in a moment of being “kind”, generous and doing what I want, I’m going to buy my two best girlfriends tickets to the Annual El Dorado Passport Wine Tasting Event that comes in April each year.  You can do the same and there’s still time to shop for this gift by clicking here.

Merry Christmas Everyone….

The Boomer

Written by The Boomer