Bring out the stretchy pants….Thanksgiving is just around the corner! At this point, you probably already know what type of turkey you are cooking, but have you chosen your wines yet? Sure, you could go on Pinterest and find suggested pairings, but the bottles that they recommend are sometimes hard to find in your local area. So that’s why I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite El Dorado wines to serve with the star of the Thanksgiving table, the turkey!

No matter what kind of turkey you make, there is an El Dorado wine pairing for you! Check out some our favorites below!

Smoked Turkey:00649b24c0ad2e97b445612b6c782962

Who doesn’t love a smoked turkey leg?! Without event taking a bite, you can sense the rich, charred, and yet, sweet meat. Don’t be afraid to bring out the big, bold wines for a turkey like this! Wines from the Rhone valley work beautifully, particularly those with a blend of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre. Here are some of my favorites:


3314090351d5086631720695bc5972e3Deep Fried Turkey:

This turkey is FRIED in grease…Need I say more? Try pairing this finger lickin’ delight with a sparkling wine. Why sparkling? Well, fried foods are loaded with fat and salt, so look for something with high acidity to cut through it all. Here are some unconventional sparkling wines that I love:



dde427a1914667782584456462d056ddRoasted Turkey:

If you can manage to perfectly bake your turkey, I’m jealous. I have only tried to bake my own turkey once…and it didn’t end up to well (let’s just say it was so dry the dog wouldn’t even eat it). So if you can perfectly prepare your turkey, you deserve a glass (or bottle) of wine! Compliment the turkey’s juicy and savory characteristics with a light Pinot Noir. These wines won’t disappoint:


Written by The Twenty-Something