I write this as I contemplate the simple things in life that I promise to not take for granted in the future while I recover from hand surgery (thank heavens it’s left hand surgery…since I am right handed).

Things like drying my hair or cutting my food or typing on my computer with one hand for this blog or carrying the laundry from the dryer to the counter without killing myself. As I stop briefly to feel sorry for myself and the fact that my body doesn’t heal as quickly at this stage of life (yet one more thing I have taken for granted in my youth), I spot a bottle of Narrow Gate Dunamis in the wine rack and think…”forget the Calgon…I need (no…I DESERVE) a glass of wine.

Happy again, I reach for the bottle and realize….sigh…I can’t open it.  HEAVY sigh.  But wait!  Before you feel too sorry for me…I realize there is such a blessing called screw caps and I have figured out that I can use my feet to hold the bottle while unscrew the cap.  I look….I look…I look….no screw cap.  Are you kidding me??Almost to a point of pity again, my awesome neighbor (the one who killed the rattlesnake that landed me in this predicament…that’s a story for a different blog…) shows up with a battery operated wine opener.  Huzzah!!  This thing is genius for those in my predicament!

Fortunately, it only takes one hand to lift the glass and an appreciative palate to enjoy it….Welcome to my happy taste buds Dunamis.

You might just taste better than ever…

Let’s Be Real,

The Boomer

Written by The Boomer