I consider myself a simple man, which is one of the reasons I’m glad many wineries are starting to use screw caps versus the traditional cork closure. While you might get differing opinions on their ability to store and age wine, as well as the presentation factor, one thing is undisputable: screw caps are easier to open.

In fact, screw cap wines are even easier to open than bottles of beer, which sometimes require a rigorous crank. Trust me, I have experience here, and there’s been a few times I’ve questioned my strength—and even suffered minor skin scrapes—opening my favorite IPA.

Compared to removing a cork, the simplicity of a screw cap is even greater. No tools required. No broken cork bits. And who hasn’t nearly dropped the bottle of wine after finally unleashing that tight cork? With a screw cap, it’s a quick grab, hold, and twist. Voila! Let’s enjoy some wine.

And don’t be fooled into thinking that screw caps are only reserved for inexpensive vino. While they were initially associated with value-oriented jugs of wine, dating back to the 1950s, winemakers in New Zealand and Australia started using screw caps as enclosures for all kinds of wine, including some higher-end bottles.

In recent years, more and more U.S. wineries—including some in the El Dorado region—have turned to screw caps as an alternative to cork. Through research I’ve learned, as a general rule of thumb, that many winemakers prefer screw caps for white and red wines that are meant to be ‘drunk young,’ Screw caps prevent any oxygen from entering the bottle, ensuring the wine remains crisp and well-preserved.

On the other hand, cork is the better for more complex, fuller wines that benefit from the little oxygen that cork naturally allows into the bottle. And, as many wine traditionalists argue, cork represents the ceremonial and oft-romantic experience of opening a bottle of wine, particularly during special occasions.

Yet as wine becomes consumed on a more day-to-day basis, screw caps—and their ability to get you to the wine faster—may become more the norm. And that’s fine by me. After all, I’m a simple man, and screw caps are as easy as 1-2-3: twist, pour and enjoy.

Let’s Be Real,

The Average Joe

Written by The Average Joe