What happened to me? Am I old? Am I crabby? I used to LOVE massive parties where the intense energy of hundreds/thousands of people filled every square inch of where I stood …better known as “festivals, faires and concerts.” I feel like such a dud lately, but I don’t want to deal with crowds anymore. I know…”wha wha wha”. Like I’ve reverted back to childhood and I’m not getting my way. Am I alone in this desire to be around small groups in quieter environments where I can hear and smell and see my environment clearly instead of the back of someone’s noggin?

Want to know what is one of my favorite things about the El Dorado wine region? I don’t HAVE to be bogged down with crowds. I get that Apple Hill season is upon us (October) and the traffic on a weekend is brutal right now (took me 20 minutes to get through one stop sign on Carson road last year), but one of the many cool things about this region that is different than other nearby wine areas is if I don’t feel like dealing with large quantities of people, I don’t have to. I love that there are simple, sweet, boutique wineries…where I can just sit and be quiet with my wine without driving for hours to get totally away from the city.

A few of my favorites for moments such as this:

Join me in some peace, quiet, smell of the pines, beautiful vistas…and a lovely bottle of wine.

Until next time…

The Boomer


Written by The Boomer