Once upon a time, I LOVED shopping.  No…really.  I mean LOOOOOOVVVVVEEEDDDD shopping.  

And I still LOVE to shop when I run up to El Dorado County and pop into my favorite wineries and buy from the wineries while I’m there tasting with friends or staff or a lucky family member.  But as I get older, I find that shopping is a “have to do”, not always a “want to do”.  Because of this, I find myself incredibly appreciative of online ordering.  Whoever came up with it is a genius and, as I lounge in my comfy chair at night in my uggs and shorts with a bold glass of Barbera, I wish to thank that person for making my wine purchases far easier than I could have asked for and perfectly timed for a night such as this.
In fact…today, I can go to the website of many of my favorite local wineries and order wine to be shipped directly to my home, which helps on a variety of levels:

  1. Keeps me feeling like I’m always getting a gift delivered to my door, which feels like a constant “surprise” present to myself…thus, makes me happy.  🙂
  2. Gives me an extra bottle or two (or three) always on hand so when I get invited to that last minute BBQ (thank you neighbors, who just did this last week…I’m grateful for the invite and annoyed by it at the same time…because don’t think for a second that I don’t know you only invite me at the last second because you know I bring the BEST wine!), I have a great Rosé or Red Blend to bring as a gift to the guest…thus, making them happy.  🙂
  3. Allows us to relax on the patio on a Friday night after a wayyyy too long week of work with a wonderful glass of Sauvignon Blanc without having to run to the grocery story at the last minute because I’m, “WHAT….OUT OF WINE”, …..thus, making the boyfriend happy.
  4. Provides me with insta-gifts when I remember on the morning of that it’s my sister-in-laws birthday and I’ve clearly forgotten this little tidbit until I open Facebook and see 80 posts from everyone on the planet wishing her a wonderful day…thus, making her happy.

All in all, having the convenience of ordering my wines online in advance of the last minute (and current minute) needs creates happiness.  And I’m all about being happy at this stage.

Thank you El Dorado wineries for letting me be lazy AND letting me get surprises delivered by the UPS driver.  🙂

Let’s Be Real, 

The Boomer

Written by The Boomer