Have you ever have those moments in time when someone says “let’s go do this!” and you find 10 reason why you can’t…or won’t…or shouldn’t….


I’m not the first person to say this, but time flies by…people leave…things happen….

We don’t even know each other, but trust me on this…don’t wait for the perfect time, the spring day, the best weather, the ideal situation, the right person to go with…just go.

Circling that back to wine tasting, winter might be one of the absolute best times on the planet to go wine tasting in El Dorado.  The beauty is indescribable…truly. Bare vines. Quieter. Open tasting rooms with fewer people. One on one attention with owners.  I would even beg to say the wines are “tastier.”  (yes..I know that isn’t an official wine tasting fancy pants term to use)

On the docket for me this month is:

Can’t wait! Until next time!
The Boomer
Written by The Boomer