I’ll admit, my generation LOVES selfies. I’ve taken a shameless selfie or two (that my coworkers have printed out and placed around the office)…but back on track – WE LOVE TAKING PICTURES. We take pictures to remember a memory…or in some cases to brag on how much fun we are having….so what does this have to do with the wine world?

I’ve noticed that my cell phone started to take its seat at the table (or in this case…spot at a tasting room bar). I’m embarrassed to admit this – but this has been me a time or two…..Step 1: Post a video on SnapChat that shows I’m driving to the foothills
Step 2: Tweet about it
Step 3: Take a photo outside the first winery, add filters, insert cheesy caption, post on Instagram
Step 4: Post 1-3 times more on Instagram, make sure to use #Blessed (and other over used #’s)
Step 5: Take pictures of every bottle and post it on Snapchat
Step 6: Take pictures of my hand on the wine glass
Step 7: Post pictures on all other social media outlets 
Step 8: Drive to a new winery and repeat the process

Exhausting right?! 

Though I can’t say my generation is full of selfie taking, self proclaimed hipsters… I will admit that even the best of us have fallen victim to engaging with our online friends instead of engaging with ones we are with in the present.My advice…as hard as might be….put down the cell phone, selfie stick, “vintage” Urban Outfitters Polaroid camera, and Go Pro…..give your thumbs a rest… and drink it all in (the view, the people….and especially the fantastic wine!) I’d be so bummed if you missed the vista views of Mount Aukum…or the saxophone at Mastroserio….or the picnic grounds at Boeger while sipping on your Zinfandel! So get out there, enjoy and Endulge El Dorado. 

Let’s Be Real,

The Twenty-Something

Written by The Twenty-Something