New Year…Resolutions:  BAH HUMBUGI’m not a resolution person.  Learned a looooooong time ago that they don’t work.  Too much pressure..then, when we stop doing whatever we said we would do (or start doing whatever we said we wouldn’t), we get all down on ourselves and bummed out and guilt sets in..yada yada yada.  I’m just not into feeling worse…about anything.  There’s a reason why the gym is packed from january 2nd to february 13th…and then people like me walk back in there because it’s empty again.  🙂

My logic is if you are going to commit to something, you either do it or you don’t.  You’ll do it on March 8th on a Tuesday because the mood will strike you…and that will be that.

So, instead of a resolution, why don’t we just make a list of the things we would like to achieve…which no timeline attached to it…then revisit the list each month and check one more thing off the list.  Like I want to spend more time outside enjoying the beautiful area that surrounds us instead of flying anywhere.  We have umpteen wine regions within 75 miles of Sacramento.  And I don’t see enough of my friends.

Here’s my target “list” for wine tasting in March:

So much little time.  Thank heavens for a new year!

Join me in the adventure that 2016 is sure to be!


The Boomer

Written by The Boomer