I noticed a new press release came out for El Dorado Wine Country with suggestions for a 3 day adventure.  Thought I would share the various days listed for suggestions since it gives some good guidance for enjoying the various wineries and climate in El Dorado:

Day 1: Fun in Fair Play 

Day 2: Bite into Apple Hill

  • Enjoy the wine offerings of this bucolic wine area as you take in its agricultural splendor. Some of the area’s most historic and well-known wineries are located in Camino and Apple Hill, which sit just northeast of Placerville.
  • Foodies will find the diverse agricultural tourism activities a must. Summer brings an array of foods from berries, peaches, pears, plums and an assortment of veggies that can be purchased directly from farmers at local farmers markets. “Whether picking cherries, visiting local ranches, or exploring a range of unique wineries, there is always something new to taste and discover at Apple Hill,” said Ann Wofford, owner of Wofford Acres Vineyards.
  • Tip: Even the little ones can get in on the you-pick fun. Don’t forget your picking basket.
  • Fun Country Drive: Apple Hill meanders through old fruit orchards into vineyards hiddenamong the oak trees. Drive Hidden Valley Lane to capture this magical region.
  • Wineries to Visit:

Day 3: A Perfect Day in Pleasant Valley

  • Sip, sip, hooray! Delicious Italian and Rhône varietals await visitors at the friendly Pleasant Valley wineries. Located just south of Placerville, Pleasant Valley is marked with rolling hills, small farms and views of the Consumnes River Canyon.
  • This portion of the region boasts marked elevation changes, which results in impressive displays of the various soils types that make up El Dorado. From granite, volcanic to clay, the region’s soils and elevations create a unique setting for its diverse vineyards.
  • Tip: Like Syrah, Grenache or Viognier? Try some of the Rhône varieties from this pocket of El Dorado; Pleasant Valley is gaining attention for its Rhône-inspired wines.
  • Fun Country Drive: this region sits in a valley between two mountain ranges. Drive Pleasant Valley Road to experience the remarkable harmony between mountains, vineyards and agriculture.
  • Wineries to Visit:

Fun & Favorite Side trip in El Dorado

  • All wineries in El Dorado are located with in half an hour of Placerville, a Gold Rush town with historic downtown that features farm-to-table restaurants and main street shopping.
  • Tip: Driving north from Placerville on Hwy 49, bring the kids to visit the Marshall Gold Discovery State Park in Coloma, where James Sutter first discovered gold in 1848. A perfect place for a bike ride, hike or a family picnic.
  • Wineries to Visit: There are several notable wineries worth the trip in the Greater El Dorado area. They include:


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