Ahh April…the time of blooming flowers, Easter, sunshine, and most importantly, the time to start planning your trips to the wine country. As a wine lover, that’s always one of the first things on my to do list.

But how do you choose which winery to go to? California has more than 3,500 wineries (insane right?!). Despite all the wonderful wineries throughout the state, the El Dorado wineries have always been a crowd favorite, and here’s why:

  1. Elevation: The Sierra foothills range from 1,200 to 3,500 feet and have hundreds of different climates which lead to over 50 different grape varietals!
  2. Climate: The warm days and cool nights lead to the development of magnificent fruits that give body to these delicious wines.
  3. Terrain: The differences in the lands’ terrain make it the perfect location to grow Italian, French, and Spanish wines – not mention countless others.
  4. Diversity: The drastically different climates and soils allow the winemakers to grow a vast variety of grapes – giving guests a different wine for every mood!
  5. Variety: The region has over 70 wineries to explore – so every trip provides a whole new experience.
  6. Personal: Each winery has their own unique winemaking styles, tasting rooms, friendly staff and unbelievable views! It’s not out of the norm for a winemaker to be working the tasting room in this special region.

Looking to adventure through the El Dorado wine region? Go check out our website at www.eldoradowines.com.

Written by The Twenty-Something