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My eyesight is failing…I’m kind of annoyed by this because I was braggish for so long watching all my friends and colleagues put “readers” on their face in their late 40’s and 50’s…and there I was striding well into fifty-hood without a blink.

Alas…you know when it hit?  When I went to read the alcohol content on a bottle of Wofford Acres ridiculously delish desert wine (Late Harvest Viognier – Aldonza)…as if a lower alcohol content would allow me to drink much much more.

Yea right.  Because just like my eyes not stepping up to the task like they used to, my metabolism says “don’t even THINK about a second glass”.  Fortunately, I don’t need my metabolism to drive a vehicle or operate heavy machinery.

So, what I’ve come to find is it’s really in how you “choose” to see things.  In essence, I can be annoyed by not being able to read the fine print naturally or I can use this as a reason to purchase a super cute pair of readers (I say “cute” because every time I put them on, people tell me they are cute and I should wear glasses more often.  Wait…??  What is that implying??).

I can “choose” to see that second glass as a bad thing because so many people are obsessing over sugar these days, or I can see the awesome fact that I no longer worry so much about an extra calorie here or there when something is well worth it.  And this definitely was…

Life is worth living and enjoying my friends.  Everything in moderation…and we will all be far happier.

See it how you want to….and I will too.

The Boomer

Written by The Boomer